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Ford Consulting Group are a specialist environmental consulting practice founded in 2005. The main company leaders are consultant contaminant hydrogeologists with more than 20 years consultancy experience mainly working for industry and developers of industrial land in the UK and Ireland. We also have two principal environmental engineers, both with more than 20 years of experience, Mark Harris and Graham Webb, working in the UK and Ireland, respectively.

We provide specialist services linked to understanding, managing and eliminating residual environmental liability associated with contaminated land and groundwater at redundant or operational sites.

We established an Ireland based operation in 2009 and now provide expert advice and technical services to private and public sector clients throughout the island of Ireland.

Our core competency is in understanding and solving contaminated land and groundwater related issues, as well as providing broader environmental advice and expertise.

Our work ethic has always been to understand our clients' business (and context) and help them prioritise their needs. We recognise that only so much can be done at one time and working in close partnership with the client business management team we help develop and implement an appropriate programme of action.

Our mission is to:

Help our clients be successful in managing their environmental affairs, managing and reducing risk, uncertainty and overall environmental liability. By doing this we create value for our clients in the form of reduced financial provision and overall expenditure and uplift in land and asset value.

We serve our clients in a way that provides appropriate expertise and technology to solve their environmental problems.

In serving our clients in this way we do all we can to strike the right balance between environmental protection and economic feasibility - the path to sustainable solutions within a sustainable business.



Mark Harris is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist with over 20 years experience of ground engineering and geo-environmental projects, working for industrial clients and developers in the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia. Mark specializes in the regeneration of contaminated land and brownfield sites by implementing decommissioning, decontamination, demolition and corrective action programmes, including the associated regulatory liaison.

Mark has managed and directed a wide range of contaminated land and brownfield regeneration projects. These have included a number of large-scale, complex, chemical and manufacturing plant site decommissioning, demolition and/or remediation programmes. These projects were characterised by their cost-effective, pragmatic, efficient, sustainable and timely delivery incorporating new and developing technologies as appropriate. Key client sectors Mark has provided consultancy support to have included the oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and power generation industries, as well as industrial and residential developers.

Graham Webb is a Civil Engineer who graduated in New Zealand in 1985. He has spent 19 years working as an environmental consultant in Ireland and the UK, based full time in Dublin since the mid 1990s. He was the business manager for the URS Ireland operation prior to leaving to join Ford Consulting Group. His technical expertise includes the design and implementation of soil and groundwater remedial programmes, including physical and hydraulic containment solutions, free phase product recovery, soil and groundwater bioremediation, soil vapour extraction and advanced oxidation systems. He has extensive experience in the investigation, assessment and remediation of oil and solvent related site contamination.

The founders of the business, Marcus Ford and Jim Wragg, are two of the most highly experienced and respected professionals active in the contaminated land and groundwater consultancy arena in the UK.

Dr. Marcus Ford graduated in 1984 and has more than 20 years of consultancy experience linked to the assessment of contaminated land and groundwater issues, first working for Dames & Moore and then URS. He was the Regional Director responsible for the URS UK & Ireland environmental consultancy practice, comprising more than 200 staff. Prior to this Dr. Ford set up and ran the Dames & Moore Ireland operation (based in Dublin) and led the Dames & Moore contaminated land risk assessment practice. He has managed and directed a wide range of contaminated land, transaction, site rationalisation and permitting related projects over the years, mainly for chemical, pharmaceutical, general manufacturing and oil industry clients.

Prior to becoming an environmental consultant he completed a doctorate on the source, type and extent of pollution below an industrial conurbation (Birmingham) in the UK in 1989. This was completed within a 3-year period at Birmingham University and involved the investigation and assessment of groundwater contamination at a wide range of industrial sites.

Much of Dr. Ford's consultancy career has been spent working for private sector clients, helping them understand and prioritise contaminated land and broader liability issues, and then to manage or resolve them by implementing practical, cost effective solutions. Dr. Ford has worked throughout the UK & Ireland, plus a number of other countries including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Norway, the Middle East, the United States and Brazil.

Mr. Jim Wragg is a hydrogeologist with more than 20 years experience of providing high quality environmental consultancy advice. As a consultant Mr Wragg has developed and delivered a large number of site investigation and remedial action programmes for sites with complex contaminated land issues, in the UK, Europe, South Africa and Brazil. These projects were characterised by their cost efficient, timely delivery, incorporating new and developing technology where appropriate. He has worked for a broad spectrum of local and multi-national industrial clients from the chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing, power generation and service sectors.

Jim had a number of roles within URS (Dames & Moore) over and above being a lead consultant. He managed the contaminated land assessment and remediation group (in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham) and became Director of Environmental Operations for URS in the North of England being responsible for a 50 person operation delivering a broad spectrum of environmental consultancy services.


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